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Schedule & Bookings

Our signature classes at NILAYAM are called Mysore Style and are suitable for all levels of practitioners, including total beginners.

Ashtanga Mysore classes offer self-paced, personalised approach to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method. Practitioners learn and move through the series of postures explained and demonstrated to them individually by the teacher.


This unique format allows for tailored instruction, accommodating students of all levels while fostering self-discipline, progression, and deeper connection to the practice.


You can book your class 14 days in advance but please avoid late cancellation and 'no-show'.
Every cancellation less than 8hrs before the class is considered as 'late cancellation'.

For each of these, one class from your package will be deducted. If you have 1 Month Unlimited or Sadhana package - we will charge you 5$ extra for each missed class.


If for any reason you don't manage to use all the classes from your package, we can roll-over the remaining classes to the new package that you purchase, under the condition that the new package will be of the same or higher class amount, and will be purchased within one month from the expiry of previous package.

e.x Lets say you had 10 class package which expired and you are left with 2 unused classes, once you purchase a new package (of 10 or 20 classes) we will add these two classes to your package. The duration of your new package will not be extended.

Additionally, you can rollover the classes only once. If you do not manage to use the classes in your new package for the second time, you can't roll them over again. 

e.x. You had 10 class package which expired and you are left with 2 unused classes. You purchased a new 10 class package and we rolled them over, so you have now 12 classes on your 10 class package. If again, you don't use all of the 12 classes, we will NOT be able to roll them again. So please, once granted with a roll over, make sure that you use all of the classes within the given time.

If you wish to rollover your classes please email us once you purchase a new package.


If you are holding a Sadhana Membership, we can suspend it two times for you, for the duration of 2 - 4 weeks each, during the 8-months contract. There will be no fee for the first suspension, and the second one will cost you 50$.
If you wish to terminate your Sadhana Subscription, you can do so only once the 8 months are over. Please email us at least one week in advance in order to terminate or pause your Sadhana Subscription.

We will not be extending or suspending 1 Month Unlimited packages.

Please, always plan your purchase in advance.

P.S. If you have a serious medical condition, we will extend or pause your package upon presenting us with a doctors' note. There will be no charges for that.

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