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Schedule & Bookings

Our signature classes at NILAYAM are called Mysore Style and are suitable for all levels of practitioners, including total beginners.

Ashtanga Mysore classes offer self-paced, personalised approach to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method. Practitioners learn and move through the series of postures explained and demonstrated to them individually by the teacher.


This unique format allows for tailored instruction, accommodating students of all levels while fostering self-discipline, progression, and deeper connection to the practice.


When you purchase a package, please remember to activate it within
30 days of purchase.

The validity of each package starts from your first booked class through our system. And each package has a different validity.

You can reserve your spot up to 14 days ahead, but kindly avoid
last-minute cancellation and 'no-show'.
If you're unsure about attending, it's best not to book a class. 

Late cancellations made within 6 hours before the class will be counted as attending the class.


If for any reason you don't manage to use all the classes from your package, we can roll-over the remaining classes to the new package that you purchase, under the condition that if the new package will be of the equal or higher value, and will be purchased within one month from the expiry of your previous package.

For example: if you had 2 unused classes from a 10-class package that expired, and you purchase a new 10 or 20-class package, we will add those 2 classes to your new package, without extending its duration

Please note that class rollovers are allowed only once. If you don't use all the classes in your new package after a rollover (within its duration),
they cannot be transferred again.
So be sure to utilize all classes within the specified time.


To request a class rollover, kindly email us after purchasing your new package.

Please remember that we do not extend or pause 1 Month Unlimited packages.


Thank you for your understanding.


If you have a Sadhana Membership, you can request to suspend it twice for
2-4 weeks each during the 8-month contract. The first suspension is free, while the second will incur a $50 fee.

To cancel/terminate your Sadhana Subscription, you can only do so after the
8-month period. Kindly notify us via email at least one week in advance before for termination or suspension.

In case of a serious medical condition, we can extend or pause your package with a doctor's note at no additional cost.

Please remember to plan your purchases ahead, as Packages and Memberships are non-refundable.

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