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Ashtanga Essentials Workshop

Peer beyond the physical pose, and unearth the mystic roots of the eight-limbed practice.


It doesn't really matter if you have been practicing Ashtanga for two months or for ten years. Each of us at some point feels ready to intake more knowledge regarding the practice of Ashtanga (astau-anga) - the Eight Limbed Yoga.

"When the breath moves, the mind moves. When the breath is still, the mind is still. By thus controlling the breath, the yogi attains steadiness." 
- Svatmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika

It is much easier to learn how to control the breath, than how to control the mind. Most often, the mind moves against our own will and follows the innate thoughts and desires. Ashtanga Yoga method encourages us to, by working with the body and the breath, gain understanding of the deeper layers of the mind or consciousness known in yoga as Citta.


Despite Ashtanga Yoga can be considered as a dynamic and physically challenging practice, the main focus lies in understanding of its breathing-moving pattern. 

Join Tattva John & Marta Magdalena for this weekend immersion into Ashtanga Essentials to understand the connection of the inner and the outer world - done through the avenue of the vinyasa based “moving meditation”.


Recommended for practitioners at all levels.



Saturday November 4th & 11th 2023.

8:00am to 3:30pm


@ Nilayam, 68B Race Course Road




Session 1 : (Nov, 4th)

8am - 10:45am


Let us embark on a journey of ancient wisdom, where the art of TRISHTANA unveils its secrets.


Session 2 : (Nov, 4th)

12:15am -  3:30pm


Let the teachings of Patanjali's Yoga System guide us on the path towards a yogic life, a journey through eight enchanted pathways.

Session 3 : (Nov, 11th)

8am - 10:45am


Let us return to the roots of our practice, exploring the origins and terminology of the postures, as we delve into the foundations of the series.


Session 4 : (Nov, 11th)

12:15am - 3:30pm


As the afternoon's light bathes us in its warmth, let us kindle the fiery spirit within us, awakening the teacher's essence.

+ Q & A Session 


Regular price full workshop: 450 SGD

Regular price one day workshop: 250 SGD

Sadhana Membership: 382.5 SGD (15% discount)

Returning students: 337 SGD (25% discount)



As spots are limited, please email us to enquire for availability prior to booking.

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