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  • Marta Magdalena

Space for Everyone

We all have stories to share. Our struggles, opinions and what inspires are most. This is the space where all of us can write to inspire . You can keep it anonymous or you can share your name and a short bio. I’m sure others will love to read and relate.

I remember when I started to practice, I had no clue that others went through a similar, or even a harder path to reach where they were. We often look at others, and their practice, with our own ideas and opinions, very often harmful for ourselves. We believe that not us - here and now, but others - there and then, have stronger bodies, longer limbs, easier lives and prettier wives...;) The truth is usually very far from that, as what we see while looking at other people, is just the peak of an iceberg. The most precious part of their stories, is invisible to our eyes.

So, if you have a courage, and even if you don't - write and share it with me. I will be more than happy to publish it here, so we can see and understand, that we are here all for the same reason, just walking each other home...

with Love & kindness,


To submit your writings email me at:

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