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Becoming a teacher is a humbling process of learning and relearning how to serve the students and how to read their bodies and their minds. 


At Nilayam, we would like to facilitate for you the process of becoming an assisting teacher and we have therefore decided to create

 Nilayam Mentorship Program.




Everyone who has been practicing regularly at Nilayam for at least 12 months is eligible to participate in this program. The minimum self-practice recommended to join this program is full primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. 


If you have not been practicing with us for a year, or if you have not finished full primary series yet, but you consider yourself ready to join this course, you may be also eligible. Please email us with your request, as each case will be considered individually. 


The concept of the whole course is based on 5 different modules. These are:


Module 1 - BUDDHI (Anatomy, Adjusting, Sequencing, Terminology) 40hrs

Module 2 - MANAS (Psychology, Social skills, Behaviour) 5hrs

Module 3 - CITTA (Philosophy, Chanting, Sanskrit, Literature) 15 hrs

Module 4 - SADHANA (Self practice) 100 hrs++

Module 5 - KRIYA (Assisting) 40 hrs++


March to October 2023


Would you like to know more?

Please email us to enquire and receive a PDF with detailed scope of studies, schedule, fees and other information.

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