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What every Ashtanga Practitioner should know

Ashtanga Yoga is an eight-limbed practice. The revealing and understanding of the limbs happens through the self enquiry and observation. This is only possible through a daily practice.

All female practitioners are requested to take 3 days off from the practice during the menstrual period. You can still come to the shala, but please refrain from doing the physical practice.

Avoid eating directly before the class and keep your diet sattvic as much as it is possible.

Come clean with a set of fresh clothes! It is a really good to take a showe before the class. Practicing Yoga is like entering the pathway to the temple of your soul. 

Practice not more than 6 days a week. One day of the week should be considered as a ‘day-off’ from the practice and in ashtanga tradition it is usually Saturday or Sunday.​

Take rest on new moon and full moon days. 

Don’t practice with a fever. When in doubt try a few surya namaskara and closing sequence only. You don’t want to overheat your body when in fever.

If you have an injury, inform the teacher and practice with the intention to heal.​

You can practice ashtanga during pregnancy, but take it very easy and skip the practice completely in your first trimester. Your teacher will tell you how to modify the postures.

BRING YOUR OWN MAT for the practice. Mat storage is only available for regular practitioners and a one time fee of 15$ is charged for it.


Spread the idea of loving kindness on and beyond your mat.

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