All you need to know if you are new to practice

New students are welcome to learn the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga from scratch by attending our regular Mysore classes. To welcome those of you who feel a bit intimidated, we sometimes offer Introductory Classes or Workshop / Courses. If there is no such workshop or class in our schedule, feel free to come any time of your choice for the Mysore class. You can also email us to let us know that you are coming.

Remember - no experience or prior knowledge of the sequence is required in order to attend Mysore Class. Just some curiosity and a willingness to learn. We recommend that you first come for the Mysore Class, before you join our Primary Series Led Class.

If you are curious would like to observe the dynamic of the Mysore room before committing yourself to practice, please set up an appointment by email.

When you start, note that the first few practices will be shorter than you may expect. Depending on your experience and body type, you will be practicing initially between 30 - 60 minutes only.

Don’t worry - as you nourish it, it will grow. Try to commit to one month initially, 3-6 days a week to give yourself a good chance to enjoy the benefits and to foster a regular, dedicated routine.


Observances are our suggestions to make everyones practice nice and safe.

  • Practice not more than 6 days a week. One day of the week should be considered as a ‘day-off’ from the practice and in ashtanga tradition it is usually Saturday or Sunday.

  • Take rest on new moon and full moon days. In Hindu tradition there are other rituals of worship to carry out on these days. For us, an extra day of rest is welcomed too as well as learning to live in accordance with the natural rhythms and cycles of the sun, moon, seasons and our bodies. Give your body rest during the heavy part of your menstrual cycle (usually day 1 to day 3). Avoid inversions and deep twists on the following days of your menstrual bleeding.

  • Don’t practice with a fever. When in doubt try a few surya namaskara and closing sequence only. You don’t want to overheat your body when in fever.

  • If you have an injury, speak with the teacher and practice with the intention to heal.

  • You can usually practice ashtanga during pregnancy, but take it very easy and skip the practice completely in your first trimester. Your teacher will tell you how to modify the postures.

  • Bring yourself to the practice clean - clean clothes, clean body and a clean intention. Please try to avoid wearing strong or synthetic fragrances as our senses become sensitive due to the purifying nature of the practice and some fellow practitioners may become overwhelmed or distracted.

  • To make sure that the practice is pleasant for you and the students around you, please avoid eating heavy meals (garlic, onion, meat) and drinking alcohol on the evening preceding your practice.

  • It is recommend not to consume any heavy meals at least 3 hours before the practice. A snack or cup of tea are allowed up to 1hr before the practice.

  • Once you start fostering a regular practice, you might appreciate having your own mat. Keep your mat clean.

  • Please bring a small towel to wipe your sweat. You can bring your own mat or use one of the studio mats. No phones and no drinks are allowed during the class.

  • Due to the energetic nature of practice, it is recommend to have your last meal at least 3 hours before the practice. Please avoid heavy food and garlic. You can have a light snack or drink up to 45 min before the class.

  • As we practice, the heat creates within the body. Not to put the cleansing fire down, we don’t drink during or immediately after the practice. You can shower after the practice or not, depending on your personal needs but remember to put on dry clothes after the practice. Optimally, you should shower the earliest 30 - 60 minutes after the practice, so the body has enough time to cool down on its own.

  • Spread the idea of loving kindness on and beyond your mat.