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1 Month Intensive

with Adam Keen

July 4th to August 4th 2023


Join Adam Keen for 1 month of daily Mysore Practice and two Weekend Workshops during the month of July 2023.


Daily Mysore at 6:30am & 8:00am

Tuesday July 4th to Friday August 4th, 2023 (Mysore classes are on weekdays only)

Weekend Workshops

Saturday 8th July


8:00am to 9:30am Led Primary with Instruction


The vinyasa count is for you. It’s not a marching drill or army manoeuvre. It’s there to provide a rough structure in order that the individual has something to work with. This class will demonstrate most clearly how to suit the generalised practice of asana to your own needs and demands whilst still preserving its integrity as a ritual to get you out of your everyday self and into a different space. 


10:00 to 11:30: The Five Fundamentals of An Effective Practice

There are basic techniques to establish safe and sustainable progress. Through the following principles, using demonstration and partner work, you will be able to incorporate these into your practice:


  • Stretch safely through breath-based action

  • Strength building by use of opposing forces in your body.

  • Stability, the importance of the medial stretch for scapula strength and mobility.

  • Bandha as a tool to engineer diaphragmatic breathing 

  • Alignment, a more effective approach.


Saturday, July 15th


8:00 to 9:30: Led Intermediate with Instruction

In this session, we will fully put into practice how we can honour and keep the ritual of Ashtanga yoga, whilst ensuring it is safe, effective, and comfortably sustainable for each of us as individuals. This is wholly feasible and, indeed, the very work itself of practice; how to aspire to an ideal whilst staying humbly focussed on, and accepting of, the now, and the daily work that this entails.



10 to 11.30: Transitions and vinyasas 

Starting with an overview of the principle of vinyasa Adam will explain why it is essential to use them to build focus and awareness in practice. They stand for a great deal more than the jump-back vinyasa.


Vinyasa means ‘special placement’, but some placements are more special than others! We will go through the more difficult, fancy transitions, that are both fun as well as often helpful in building strength and mobility. Adam will cover how to amend and modify them so you can find a version to work on as well as keep the flow of your practice. 


There will be no class on Saturdays: July 1st, 8th, 22nd and 29th as well as August 5th

* Mysore classes are for students at all levels, including total beginners.

** Weekend workshops are for students at all levels, with previous experience in Ashtanga.


Adam Keen completed the Advanced A sequence of Ashtanga yoga in 2013 with Sharathji in Mysore (authorised level 2 in 2012).  He has been a yoga practitioner since 1999, starting with hatha yoga while studying philosophy at university.


Adam has taught internationally and spent over ten years running a Mysore program in his native London, UK.  His style is open, non-dogmatic and eclectic while remaining rooted in an appreciation of the tradition as taught in Mysore. He has a unique way of making everyone welcome and meeting students where they are with humour and kindness.


Adam is also the co-founder of Keen on Yoga, an online yoga platform hosting workshops and events, and the host of the Keen on Yoga Podcast and YouTube channels. He has interviewed most of the top Ashtanga teachers and philosophy academics in this capacity, leading to a unique overview of the modern yoga world and teaching approaches.


When not practising yoga, Adam likes to cook – in his earlier years, he was a chef, supporting himself in this profession in London whilst studying yoga. This took him to Purple Valley Yoga, where he was employed as the chef and met his wife, Theresa.


Still a philosophy student at heart, Adam shares his thoughts and experience daily on social media, where you can find him discussing many of the questions that come to our minds, but we’re often afraid or unsure how to ask.


Find him on Instagram @adam_keen_ashtanga


1 Month Unlimited Mysore Practice: 350 SGD

1 x Saturday workshop (8:00am to 11:30am with a break): 90 EUR (ca.130 SGD)

2 x Saturday workshop (8:00am to 11:30am with a break): 175 EUR (ca. 250 SGD)

Mysore classes should be booked and paid through MINDBODY.

In order to reserve your spot for the Weekend Workshops please email us at to reserve your spot and make payment online: 

Saturday 8th Payment Link:

Saturday15th Payment Link:

Both the 8th & 15th Payment Link:

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